Examining the arc of his tech career, which began in 1982, it is easy to understand why Charles Leaver is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of prominent cybersecurity company Ziften. With experience as an entrepreneur, an executive, and as a sales and management specialist, as well as significant experience as an advisor in a number of tech fields, his experience is undeniable.

Before becoming the Ziften CEO, Chuck also spent time as the company’s Chairman. Prior to that, he was a partner with Trellis Partners, a Texas-based venture capital firm. He understands all aspects of tech and cyber security, especially in the areas of application software and infrastructure technologies.

When it comes to cybersecurity, Chuck Leaver knows how to safeguard even the most complex systems. To say he is bullish on the future is a profound understatement. He knows that investors agree that the future of tech security is bright, not just with regard to the frequency of hacking but also with the “Internet of Things” coming on the horizon. That challenge brings with it a new range of opportunities for innovators in the cybersecurity field.