He’s had a widely varied tech career over the years, beginning in 1982, so it is true that Chuck Leaver has plenty of experience as an entrepreneur and a senior executive. However, more importantly, he also has experience in sales and management and as an advisor. His experience runs to a number of tech sectors, including the mobile and media sectors, which is why his current position as CEO for cybersecurity giant Ziften is not surprising.

Even before he became their CEO, Charles Leaver served as their Chairman for some time and, before that, he was a Partner with Trellis Partners, a Texas-based venture capital firm. He is known for his high levels of skill and knowledge in all aspects of cyber security and he is well-regarded for his ability to move companies just past the edge of technology and to push them into new, more lucrative markets.

Charles Leaver entered the tech security business in an interesting way, through his ownership and operation of technologically advanced lottery systems in South America, Asia and Europe. Chuck believes in the future of cybersecurity because there will always be opportunities for growth in the tech sector.